Until the Last Dog Dies | Ongoing

In a world split down the middle between dog shapeshifters and humans, Cage risks his life with the cruelties of the illustrious dog fighting rings for his one shot at a better life for himself and his family.

CW: animal violence, blood, non-sexual nudity


Naufragium | Tabula Idem Anthology | 2017

Written by Jahna Vaughan, drawn by Loki, the short comic follows a famous Roman charioteer and his love affair with the slave who builds the chariots that he drives.

Well, That Was Quick | Death Saves Anthology | 2017

Based on my real experiences as a Dungeon Master, this comical short comic is about a quick and epic end to one of my player’s characters during his first session.

Gender and its Role in Zuni Society | June 2017

In this day and age that is just beginning to re-examine gender as a spectrum, it is important to acknowledge cultures who have uplifted and honored non-binary identities long before the modern Western concept of gender. This comic was made in support by OUT/LOOK: Birth of the Queer and the GLBT Historical Society.

Fernweh | March 2017

One page comic about moving on and starting new.


girl&boy | August 2015

Some things cannot be so easily categorized, least of all, people. One of three comics done in exploration of gender.


A Place Like Home | August 2015

Everything has a purpose in its design. One of three comics done in exploration of gender.


Starsend | August 2015

The night a falling star crashed in their backyard, changed their lives forever. One of three comics done in exploration of gender.


Winterspell | March 2015

A Tlingit hunter keeps himself busy in the winter in the face of his husband’s absence, continually counting down the days until they reunite.


The Dragon’s Keeps | March 2015

The knight comes face to face with the fierce dragon plaguing his people, but seeks to have one question answered before he slays the foul creature: why are all of the kingdom’s princesses safe and sound, yet the princes seemed to have vanished?


Sing the Moon Down | October 2014-March 2015

Sam is the shy and awkward new witch in a small town. After opening up an apothecary clinic, he gets acquainted with Santiago, the local werewolf who struggles with issues of self identity. Luckily, Sam is just the man for the job.


Stolen | July-October 2014
It is a risky move to steal the crown prince right out of the middle of his welcoming home party. Yet, the fearless thief outlaw who pulls it off does not seem to mind the repercussions. He has his reasons, after all.


Beginnings | January 2014
The story of how a rat and a fairy become best friends.


Courage (or the lack thereof) | December 2013

Confessing you love someone is a bit difficult, but you can maybe pull it off with a bit of help.